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I came across some pretty funky looking l'arc merch in yahoo auctions. It looks like they're similar to tamagotchi? I think they're supposed to be virtual pets. Does anyone have these or know exactly what they do? They're awfully cute and I'd love to know if it's a virtual pet tetsuya or something!

Devil Version

Angel Version

It's either a cat or dog I think. They mentioned this particular item on a tv show once back in the late 90s. XD
that's a shame, I was kinda hoping for 8-bit versions of l'arc but I suppose it's more like a repackaged first gen tamagotchi?

and good gods this stuff was made when I was six years old!
the traditional merchandise ad for heavenly tour [see heavenly films] was for the red one. little girl, Pere Noel and L'Ar-gotchi or something. and seems like the other was CoT ad with a vampire and same little girl. ...or was it REINCARNATION?????

not sure what the pet was. cool to see there's still a few out there.
sorry, should have looked at the packaging for the devil one. that's LMF packaging, 1998 version right on the label. i just didn't remember the ad from that dvd, but it's been a while. >.<

the angel was for heavenly tour and that tv clip was from that time. hyde was caught playing with a red critter, but not sure it was the L'Arc one. ^ ^
wow, thanks for the information! this really helped clear things up since the auctions themselves weren't too informative.

can the ads be found in the chronicle dvds?
you're very welcome to whatever bits i know. :)

i don't think so. the Chronicles, Zero through 4, really are just collections of the band's PV for a particular period with some clever gimmick to introduce them. and they will have the CMs that played on TV for those singles.

the extra dvd that came with the TWENITY special/limited edition BOXX set had all of the CMs from 1994-2010; singles, albums and dvds. as well as a really cool segment from a special performance they did in 1993 sponsored by VICIOUS magazine and a timeline of concert clips from 1991's original line-up to 2008's L'7 Tour.

i want to say i have seen some of the Tour Goods Promos that play during concerts someplace besides on the concert dvds themselves, but i honestly cannot think where that might be. [not all of the dvds feature those bits. ;(] so, other than on the Heavenly films dvd and maybe the LMF dvd and probably the LMF disc on FLA1 [i can't remember right off], i don't know where you might find those particular promo bits. i just know i have seen both at some point.

i don't know atm if anyone ever ripped them all and uploaded them somewhere either. sorry i don't know any more than that now. lol.. my memory is about shot these days, unfortunately. >.<