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Uncut because it's IMPORTANT.

Translated by Bird

Dear Music Fans,

We offer our sincerest condolences to all of the victims in the wake of this unprecedented national tragedy, the Great Tohoku-Pacific Earthquake.
As an expression of our fondest hopes for a speedy recovery, we have put together the JACK IN THE BOX CHARITY PROJECT.
Specifically, we are actively supporting the aggrieved through the Power of Music by offering them courage and hope.
As we witness one horrifying image of this disaster after another, we feel we must do something to help the afflicted overcome this hardship, and as such we hope that you, the music fans reading this message, will assist us.
Together, we will carry on the feelings of our artists: "First, We Act". "Send Them Courage". "Keep Strength in our Hearts" "Send Music To Kindly Comfort Hearts".

Working together, Music can ring through and assist in the efforts.
Help us send our power as fast as possible.

All of our staff and artists look forward to the cooperation and understanding of music-loving fans everywhere.

March 15, 2011


The Federation of Music Producers of Japan (FMPJ) has begun soliciting donations directed as assistance for the Great Tohoku-Pacific Earthquake.
Maverick DC is offering their full cooperation. More details of FMPJs work can be found here (Japanese, untranslated)

100% of the funds donated to this project will go to earthquake recovery efforts.

The charity will be active from March 14 to April 30, 2011.
The exact recipient has not yet been determined. The FMPJ takes full responsibility for the effort.

To donate, send a bank transfer to any of the following account

For all banks.

Bank: Mizuho
Branch: Aoyama (211)
Account: (regular) 2604929

Bank : Mitsui-Sumitomo Banking Corporation
Branch :Aoyama
Account: (regular) 7025189

Bank: Mitsubishi-Tokyo UFJ
Branch: Aoyama
Account: (regular) 0098131

Bank: Japan Postal
For Japan Postal account holders: Code: 10170 No. 12827371
For non-holders:
Branch No. 018
Account: (regular) 1282737

(Translator's note)

As of now, the ONLY way to make a donation is by bank transfer.
Please check with your bank in your home country to find out whether and how you can contribute, if you choose to do so, to any of the above bank accounts.
Be aware that your donation might cost you a handling fee from overseas, and keep currency exchange rates in mind.

Other means of donation are being looked into.

I offer my heartfelt condolences to all of the affected people, and my prayers for those who lost their lives.
May everyone be able to live safely again, soon.

MUCC - Tatsuro
I offer my deepest condolences to everyone affected by the Tohoku-Kanto Earthquake.
There isn't much I can personally do, but I want to do what I can to the greatest extent possible.
We are not alone, let's all work together!

MUCC - Miya
There is a limit to what I can do, but I want to make sure I do everything I can.
To the victims: Please, never lose hope. Music is always with you.

Remember the songs, don't forget the smiles. It know it must be hard, but remember, even for moment, and hang on.


I want to offer my sincerest condolences to everyone affected by this Tohoku-Pacific Earthquake.
Right now, everyone in the world, not only Japan, is working as one to heal this wound. I renewed my faith in humanity.
What I can offer to all of the victims, what I can personally do for them, might not be much, but I will do it to the fullest.
Everyone on earth, myself included, can work incredible things together. Keep up hope and keep walking forward.


To everyone experiencing this disaster : It might seem bleak now, but we can get through it together!
I've never experienced anything like this before. I don't think anybody has.
It's precisely because we're not alone that we can have hope!
Hand in hand, I want to help support everyone with music!

SiD - Mao

First, please allow me to offer my sincerest prayers for those who lost their lives in the disaster.

Now, to all those who are struggling with the pain of the earthquake in the disaster area:
Thinking of a way to help out, I've decided to help establish this project, and will participate fully.

It's true that music can't do anything to solve the immediate problems.

However, there are still things that we musicians can do, that we must do, as we stand before you.
We have presence and influence, which gives a large sphere in which we can help as many people as possible.
I ask for your assistance.
I swear to do everything I can possibly do.

Still, the most I can do is create an opportunity.
The rest must be left to your hearts and minds.
We must use our emotions to wipe away the tears and turn them back into smiles. That is what I believe.

Please lend me your strength.

Then, someday, when everyone in the disaster can smile again,
our music, SID's music, will come turn those smiles into full-blown joy.

I will keep on singing.

SID - Shinji

I offer my sincere condolences to all victims of the disaster, and my prayers for a speedy recovery for the area.
I also pray for those whose lives were sacrificed.
As a musician, I believe I can offer a small amount of help, however indirect.
I believe that everyone can smile again, someday, soon.

SID - Aki

I thought I something I could do, other than by using words.
What could I possibly do...
What can we do as a label, and as this group called SID?
There is only one answer, and I think it's the same for everyone.
We have to combine our strength.
I think that's true in everything.
If we join together as one, I believe we can all be connected to something miraculous.
Just like conserving power and water. Lots and lots of "ones" makes a big total. I'm sure of that.
Now is the time when our thoughts must be as one.
I pray that we can bring a little bit of light to the affected people.

SID - Yuuya

First, I would like to offer my prayers for those who lost their lives in this earthquake.
I am participating in the project to offer some Air to those who are still fighting with aftershocks and nuclear reactors in the afflicted area.
Is this not the best thing we can do?
Let us remain hopeful for a speedy recovery, and collect our strength for that goal.

I think that's all we can do.

I want to help everybody smile again!
Please help do that!

Rin toshite Sigure - TK

May hope remain and the light return.

Rin toshite Sigure - 345

May peace return to to the disaster victims as soon as possible.
I want this prayer to reach them, in any shape, no matter how small.

Rin toshite Sigure - Pierre Nakano

All I can do is donate and retweet information on twitter,
and I hope that those things and this charity will help those who need it.

girugämesh - Satoshi

We were on tour in Europe when we heard about the earthquake. At first, I couldn't believe it.
How could we go about our normal business while so many people, families, friends, and fans, were suffering?
But then I realised that times like this are precisely when we have to go on doing what only we can do.
We thought of directly explaining things to the people in Europe and collecting donations at our live venues as much as possible, just so we could help a little bit when we got back to Japan.
It might be meaningless coming from me, considering that I haven't even seen the disaster for myself even though it's my own country.
We four member of girügamesh, born of Japan, pray for those who have lost something dear in the disaster and struggle in fear.
We hope for your safe recovery.

Let's meet again at another live!! We'll work hard so that you can smile again!!

girugämesh - Ni

First, I would like to offer my prayers for those who lost their lives in this earthquake.
I hope that Japan can recover from this disaster, and that everyone can smile and have fun together again soon.

girugämesh - Shuu

First of all, I would like to offer my prayers for those who lost their lives in the Great Tohoku-Pacific Earthquake.
We've decided to ask for help in this earthquake relief project by the FMPJ through the JACK IN THE BOX charity project.
girügamesh will be collecting donations at every stop left on our overseas tour.
I hope Japan can recover quickly, and that everyone in Japan can smile again soon.

Please help us out. Do what you can do. May we meet again at another live!! Everybody will smile again!!

girugämesh - Ryo

I would like to offer my prayers for the victims of this earthquake.
We, girügamesh, are on tour in Europe right now, and I personally can hardly believe what's happening in Japan.
I think that participating in this JACK IN THE BOX charity project is the best thing we can do, since we are so far away.
We want to work together with all of you to help support the recovery.

I hope to see you all again at a live.

ZORO - Ryuji

I offer my condolences to everyone affected by the Tohoku-Pacific earthquake.
What can we do for them now...
Personally, I can't do very much, but if everyone comes together to do what little each of us can do, I believe it can only lead to something great.
May peaceful days return to the region as soon as possible.

ZORO - Tatsuhi

I would like to express my condolences to everyone affected by the Tohoku-Pacific earthquake. I would also like to offer my prayers for all the victims of this tragedy.

May everyone be able to smile again as soon as possible.
That is my fondest wish.

spiv states - JUN

I still clearly remember the hardships I experiences during the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.
This earthquake brought those memories into focus.
Disasters can be overcome if everyone works together,
and I think now is the time when we must use all the experiences we've lived through together.
I believe we musicians can make ourselves useful through the power of music.
When each and every one of us comes together, we can do something amazing.
Everyone, please join in.

Administrator - Kai

My heart is full of rage and sadness with no place else to go.
Everyone must feel the same way.
It's true that no one person can do much.
That's exactly why I want us to combine our wills and overcome the hardship!
The happiness of sharing a meal while watching the sunset and reflecting on the day, the joy of hope as we wait for sunrise.
I want to bring this joy back as soon as possible.
The slight courage each one of us has can transform small powers into great strength! Lend us yours!

Administrator - Kouyuu

I want to offer my condolences to everyone affected by the Great Tohoku-Pacific Earthquake and disaster.
I have a personal connection to the Tohoku region, and so watching these images on the TV hurts me deeply.
I think everyone must be so afraid.
Even though I can't overcome this disaster as an individual, I'm sure that if we all work together, we can lend our strength to the victims so that they can overcome.
I hope that Japan can recover from this disaster as soon as possible.
I believe we can do it, if everyone comes together.

Administrator - Takuya

When I saw the news of the Tohoku-Pacific earthquake, I was overwhelmed with terror and sadness.
Now I think that all of us have to come together as one to overcome this crisis.
Anything that I do alone is doomed to be minuscule.
That's why I want everybody to work together.
Even though we can only do very little alone, we can surely combine our efforts into something immeasurably, unimaginably strong.
I'm certain we can.
I love my country, and I want to protect it.
I believe everyone shares similar feelings.
I want to offer my condolences to the victims.
May the region recover as soon as possible.

Administrator - Ryuu

As I write this, there are still aftershocks worsening the damage.
Words can't express what the disaster victims and their loved ones are going through.
That is why we must act.
We need everyone to help.
I think we can do something great if each of us puts something into it, and that we can give them a little bit of courage.
Never abandon hope!

Shiki Kanata - Usay

I would like to offer my prayers to all the souls that were lost in this disaster, and my condolences to the victims forced to evacuate.

May tranquility return to the area as soon as possible.
To that end, I want to offer my support, little though it might be.
I believe in the power of music to join people in hope.

Shiki Kanata - masa

I wish to express my condolences to everyone involved with this disaster.
I hope the area can recover quickly.
May everyone smile again soon.


We wish to offer our condolences to all anguished hearts.

Although no one can do much alone, if many people join together, we believe something can be done.
Let us start doing what we can!!
Let's pray for the area to recover and send them our thoughts, in any way we can!!!!


I would like to offer my condolences to everyone affected by this disaster, and also give my prayers to those who lost their lives.
Being involved with music, there might not be very much I can do to help respond to this disaster.
I hope that music can help send Joy and Happiness where they are needed, so that safe days can return soon.


Before this huge earthquake, we were so insignificant. But if everyone works with us just a little bit at a time, we can become something great, something that can help the victims of the disaster, even if slightly.
Please support the JACK IN THE BOX Charity Project.


As a musician, I want to send hope.
Even if it can't save lives, it can save hearts, and so I want to ask for everyone's assistance, no matter how small, to help save hearts with a tiny bit of hope. Please help.


I would like to offer my hopes and prayers to the people affected by the East Japan Earthquake and my wishes for a speedy recovery.
Being from Kobe, I saw the support everyone sent us 16 years ago, and now I want to give something back, as little as it might be.
I think the best thing to do in times of trouble is find a way to overcome it.
Nothing is impossible, even if it seems so for individual people. Together, I believe we can surely overcome anything.


I offer my deepest hopes for the victims of this disaster.
As individuals, we can only make small contributions, but I think we can push them to the limit.


I've never experienced shaking like this before.
Given my handicap, would I be able to run away if I was there? It's terrifying.
But these videos of the disaster are beyond imagination... No, it's unimaginable. I think I can't truly understand the terror felt by the victims, or what it really means to be handicapped.
Still, I can't help but think, there has to be something I can do?
I'm handicapped myself. Every day, I tell myself "Never let it get you down!"
And my friends across the country... No, my friends around the world.
Let us pray for the victims so they can get a good night's sleep again, soon.
There is indeed something that I can do, something I have to do. I hope all of you will help.

Please feel free to repost on any community related to Maverick, especially ones for the artists above!
If I've misspelled any names of artists, please let me know; I don't follow everyone above.

UPDATE: Jack has seen this post! Let's SHOW OUR LOVE! Everybody Save Tohoku!

UPDATE 2: Added more artists to the comments section. So many voices asking for help. Let's give it to them.

UPDATE 3: Yet more artists added! Keep it up!
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