amazing tetsuya is in the 3rd rank after cliff burton and flea...
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I think the overall results aren't bad at all considering the poll is placing them up against internationally well-known names. Tetsuya of course has an outstanding ranking (3/100 is amazing!!!), but the rest isn't doing all that bad either:

Laruku - Greatest Rock Band Of All Time: 26 / 100
Tetsuya - Best Bassists Ever: 3 / 100
Hyde - Greatest Singer Of All Time: 37 / 100
Hyde - Most Unique Singing Voice: 25 / 100
Ken - Greatest Guitarists Ever 33 / 100
Yuki - Best Rock Drummers: 18 / 100
true...but on "the best band in the world" Laruku was 12 ~ and now they must go more up **
Tetsuya-san is the highest ranker there, well i really believe he is the best bassist of the world
I'm just gonna vote for everyone.

HAHA This made me laugh: (Tetsu) "When he playing bass, it’s just like watching magic show...amazed me..!”


oh i'm glad somebody made this post, very nice ^^ i've been voting for them all as often as i can!