Kurofai love~

Selling bc of moving

Hey there!
Before I’m gonna throw them away, I really want to sell this stuff :/
Write me via: Kurodings@gmail.com
I’m accepting PayPal. I’m from Germany. So shipping to USA is like ~16€ !

But this magazines are 1€ each.

5 Euro each~

Hyde at 20th L'Anniversary ♥

Selling L’Arc~en~Ciel + VAMPS goods

Selling VAMPS + L’Arc~en~Ciel goods

eBay page: https://ebay.com/usr/bebar-5032

☠️ VAMPS 2013 MEKURI Calendar
☠️ VAMPS LIVE 2009 ARENA Tour Pamphlet
🌈 L’Arc~en~Ciel à Paris Photobook

In the next few days I will be adding more VAMPS & L’Arc goods: DVDs, photobooks, Le Ciel + VAMPADDICT fan club newsletters, singles, tour merch (t-shirts, wristbands, etc)!

All items are originals from Japan, in good or like new condition, with all original parts (like sleeves). Most of the coming items I will be selling are first press + limited edition versions. Shipping from California, USA.

Please check out the eBay page!
Kurofai love~

Selling :)

I'm still~~ selling my stuff! With cheaper prices! I don’t need them anymore and don’t want to throw them away.
Write me via email: Kurodings@gmail.com
Price + shipping!
I'm from Germany, so shipping to the US is more expensive. :( that’s why you mostly have to pay the shipping and package instead of the item.

Laruku - A Paris photobook 5€
Laruku - L'7 tour 2008 trans Asia via Paris Photobook 5€

Hyde - Seasons Call Single 3€

MONTHLY VAMPS (vol. 1-13 ) with Holder - 10€ all
VAMPS TIMES (Fanclub) 6€ all

The only things I want more for:
Moon Child Photobook 40€
Faith Photobook 25€
666 Photobook 20€

DEARS vol. 11 (GACKT Fanclub Magazine)

Arena 2009.07 - GLAY, GACKT, the Gazette, VAMPS, Nightmare, Alice Nine ...
Newsmaker 5 No. 208 - 2006 - HYDE, Acid Android (1€ each)

Mission: L'Arcollection

"Regain the future"

Mission: L'Arcollection is a new official anniversary project from L'Arc. It's introduced with a short story:

Collapse )

Mission:1 - Collect songs for 25th L'Anniversary LIVE!

VOTE HERE for a song you would like to hear in the LIVE. There's cooldown period of 24 hours, after that you can vote again.

Mission:2 - Collect pieces of fans!

Photos of fans from all over the world, photos of places related to L'Arc-en-Ciel, comments about 25th anniversary.
Send them to larcollection@larc-en-ciel.com
※ Make sure it fits the size limits: comments - 30 characters; photos - JPG/PNG/GIF, 10 MB per email.

Both missions 1&2 are open now! Details of Mission:3 - Collect L'Arc Pieces scattered around the world! will be announced later in March.

~ What songs have you voted?

Reviving this wonderful community

I don't know how active this community is anymore, but for anyone that is still checking up on it, the time period leading up to the L'anniversary concerts is the perfect time to revive this page. It kinda died when L'arc en Ciel went on hiatus but during the 20th L'anniversary leading into the world tour it was buzzing and I hope that's what will happen again with lots of new news and information.

So here are some suggestions to get this started again!

- Change the picture and formatting to reflect 2017 L'arc just like when the page was updated when Good Luck my Way and XXX were released

- Once concerts start find as many reports as we can (or use our own) and post them with setlists like we used to

- In the lead up to the concerts we should make posts that start conversations again and get people discussing the band. I used to post discussions eg most underrated songs, loss of prominance of Tetsuya's bass in newer songs etc. Those got a good number of replies even during 2013 when new information was sparse. Even personal stories about L'arc would be a great way for us to actually interact again and re-develop the community

- Retrospectives of albums or concerts and potentially reviews to go along with them

- Our own covers of L'arc songs!

- Potentially starting a Facebook group for the members left here, as Live Journal is quite outdated

I'm hoping with these kinda ideas we can at least build up to the concerts, and make them a celebration for a community again rather than just ourselves as individuals.