MSG DVD details and pre-order

The new DVD "WORLD TOUR 2012 LIVE at Madison Square Garden" is now up for pre-order, and the set list is confirmed.

Limited edition, 2DVD + 2CD ¥11.980, also includes special packaging and live photo book:
YesAsia | CDJapan | HMV | Amazon Japan

Regular edition, 2DVD ¥7.980:
YesAsia | CDJapan | HMV | Amazon Japan

Set list is the same for both DVD and CD version:

01. いばらの涙 (Ibara no Namida)
02. CHASE -English version-
07. 叙情詩 (Jojoushi)
08. X X X -English version-
09. fate
10. forbidden lover
12. Caress of Venus
13. Driver's High
16. あなた (Anata)
17. winter fall
18. Blurry Eyes
19. 虹 (Niji)

What do you think of this new format, releasing a CD version alongside with a DVD? Which version you're getting?
Here's on HMV for the Limited One, the Regular can be found on that page too, just scroll down
I think it will be cheaper when u buy it more than one?

I'm not buying it now tho, still waiting for the possibility of another country releases >.< *cross fingers*

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Thanks for sharing! I'm also still waiting for the possibility of another country releases. but hope this will be a price reference if there are another country release *crossing fingers* :)
Thanks for the info!!
Since I was at the show and had the time of my life, I am very excited about the limited version.
I love the idea of having the live cds. I love their live versions of a lot of the songs, so for me, having the cd to listen to at work is a real bonus.
I want to order this, but I havent used either YesAsia or CDJapan before.
Does any one have a reccomendation of which site to order from?
I live in th US....
I've used both sites but prefer cdjapan myself.

I think you will be happy using either place. Both have good service. I also live in the US.
I personally use YesAsia because of their free shipping. It doesn't really specify their method of shipping but I usually get my goods 1-2 weeks after it shipped.
HMV has a reasonble price but I will wait for to sell it before pre-ordering :)

Definetely going for the 1st press, that's for sure. After bying the latest tetsuya DVD I have no high hopes for the oh so called " live photo book" but the CD version of the live is something new and exciting :D I'm really looking forward to it ^^!
will most likely get the limited..just because i always do. as for the cds, i don't know..somebody (^ ^) usually rips the mp3s of every concert dvd anyway. plus most of the older shows floating around. i listen to these perhaps MORE these days than the cd versions, so having a regular cd version is welcome.

i just hate that all L'Arc releases have gotten more and more expensive since the start of the 2008 hiatus. [yes, i know we are seeing all goods increase in price due to the recession. gah, look at my grocery store receipts!! >;-p ] i know i am not at all alone in finding that i may have to go with a lesser version or even forgo buying some new release simply because i cannot afford it. also, having L'Arc and solo releases all popping out at one time.....makes it really hard to buy any other artists' releases.

sorry for ranting. it's not L'Arc's fault we have rotten economy. sigh.....
I know they bumped up the prices on the World Tour good because of the tsunami that happened last year. The extra cost was donated to the relief efforts. Or so I've been told lol
hmm, i knew that all of the proceeds from the 2 day 20th L'Anniversary shows were earmarked for tsunami relief through a couple of different avenues. but i never heard that anything from the 20th Tour in 2011 or the WT were officially being set aside for this too. i mean, it is good if that is/was the case and it does explain the continued high prices.

i'm inclined to believe a major factor, that i hadn't thought of until this moment, might actually have to do with the continued cut back in energy production in Japan. this would affect all levels of production and manufacture i would think. add that to the world's generally crappy economic mess and there you have it. >.
I didn't see it either but the people I went to see the NY show with all said there was a sign displayed clearly that it was for the relief. bahaha. Since the goods price online didn't match the actual price, I assume it is true.
L'Arc is so troll because it's obvious they could fit that 19 songs gig in a single DVD but no they have to release it in 2. Disc 2 will obviously have from Anata onwards, which means, 4 songs... :p
And I was expecting the CD to be a "best of WORLD TOUR" kind of thing XD,like one song from this and another from that concert. But I'll be satisfied as long as it's not only like a DVD rip which virtually anyone can do and that they actually work with the sound in that CD, in case we want to listen to it in a very high tech kind of surround system or something...
And well,if I could choose I'd have chosen the Jakarta show to be on DVD right away because it was obviously one of the best L'Arc concerts ever, but I bet that will be on the the FLA3, when it eventually gets released XD.
Anyway, I'll get the limited version of course!!
(and I'm still waiting for the 20th L'Anni Tour DVD L'Arc...that's the tour I've been to dammit T_T)
---And well,if I could choose I'd have chosen the Jakarta show to be on DVD right away because it was obviously one of the best L'Arc concerts ever

if there's a "like" button i could press for your comment, i'd definitely press it XD
but please don't release it in FLA3... i couldn't afford either FLA or FLA2, so how can i afford it if it's really made into FLA3... T^T
I think the 2 DVDs are justified. I mean, 19 high quality performances would be too big of a file for one DVD.

BUT, what I don't understand is the need for 2 CDs for 19 songs. You can definitely fit that many songs in one CD.
Hm,I'm inclined to disagree because they could fit as many as 23 songs (cutting most MCs but anyway) in Disc 5 of FLA2 (the L'7 final), so I don't see why can't they put it in one disc...

And I still wonder if L'Arc will ever release something in blu-ray :o
Bah! You're right! I cannot believe I forgotten about that! How embarrassing! T-T

Blu-Ray would be nice but that would mean a lot of us will have to start getting Blu-Ray players! :O The only known live that got released in BR was HYDE's FAITH.
yes, yes and yes to this!! we have way too many examples of both.

it is true that on the earlier single show releases they usually held it to 18 or 19 songs, and there were certainly a few that had less. LMF! being a good example. but FLA and FLA2 have the full shows on one disc too. starting in 2007 AYR they started doing 2 disc dvds, some with more content than others. i still want to know why they can't fill the 2nd disc with the fun and silly backstage bits in greater scale than the wee glimpses we usually get. i just don't enjoy seeing the special footage all by itself like on the TOK dvd.

i don't expect they will do another Documentary dvd, like for L'7, as they have a much better understanding of their overseas fan-base now, i hope, and once with no subtitles i can see, but again?? how hard is it to hire competent translators to work on a project like that?

i want to see Jakarta made into a stand-alone dvd because it was so intense. [or seemed so on fancams] i'd also love to see a SMILE-like dvd of bits from all of the rest of the shows. and yes, a live cd of THAT would be great. i think we knew MSG was going to be one of the dvds as they mentioned it several times. i can see them mining the WT and hopefully eventually the 20th tour, just like L'7, for several years. there's still stuff from the rest of Asia shows i'd love to see from back in '08.
In my opinion, the Limited Version is not worth it at all. Photo book + CDs? We can rip the audio ourselves so the CDs are absolutely pointless. The photo book is just milking our money. They just released two photo books and their 2013 calendar has supposed pictures that were not included in them. Now we have another photo book... I mean, for those of us who didn't buy LIVE/LIFE 2, the photo book is a bit enticing.

But then again, I shouldn't talk. I am still getting the Limited Edition just because it's Limited. BAHAHAHHA T-T
no wonder i couldn't find it yesterday. ah well, i went with HMV and got a good deal.
I was beginning to think it wasn't there at all! And I'm still debating between HMV and Amazon, one has a better offer and the other better shipping is always a little battle between these to options for me xD
i know what you mean. every purchase has to be weighed carefully these days. price vs extras vs shipping vs shipping time... good luck with that debate. ^ ^
Yes they do :), you can see the rates here:

Since it's a dvd the shipping for north america is 1700+300=2000 yen in total (for EU is a little bit more expensive). So in all they charge you for the complete order a total of 10865 yen, which is in total still less than the original price.

But now here is the catch, the shipping from amazon is more expensive than anywhere else because for international shipments they only use FedEx, the good news is that you usually get your item in 3 days :D the bad news is that you have to take into account that taxes and any other charge that depends on the country could make you pay more :( I'm from EU so I really don't know how it works in the US, but in EU it usually means 20€ or so more~~ depending on the specific country and the cost of the item....

Hope this is helpful to you! :)

This is the first time that I'm not even tempted by the Limited version, really. They must have been very happy with the quality of the performance, and that's all well and good but as others have said, it's not something we can't do ourselves.

and again as others have said, waiting patiently for a release of other gigs from the tour... *hopeful face*, or a full-length documentary, or both.

... what's the bets that the next DVD announcement is of the Tokyo National Stadium performance >_< which is fine and everything, but it was a WORLD TOUR, so, more world would be nice <3