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22 Apr, 2015 - Sale
L'Arc en ciel - Five Live Archives (5DVD+Photobook - like new, but without slipcase!) 160€


L'Arc en ciel - Five Live Archives 2 (5DVD+Photobook - opened , but never used) 245€


Shipping costs:
Worldwide 1 item 25€
               1-2 items on request
Germany 1-2 items 7€

Condition: like NEW
Shipping: From Germany to Worldwide via registered mail
Payment: Papal

If you are interested, send me a message.
14 Apr, 2015 - Where is TETSUYA OHP?
What is happening with TETSUYA's official home page
I visited the OHP this early April and still got the same response today.

TETSUYA where are you~
21 Mar, 2015(no subject)
I am selling my L'Arc-en-Ciel singles,Official photo book, Official concert goods and magazines.

I updates some itmes!! (11th, April, 2015)

- Time to say good bye
- Flower
- Kaze ni Kienaide
- Forbidden Lover(+ trading card)
- Kasou(+ trading card)
- Niji(Limited Edition)
- Lies and Truth

- H

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26 Feb, 2015(no subject)
A newly translated 22-minute long interview/show is finally finished. Enjoy!

L'Arc WT 2012 Documentary Film "Over the L'Arc~en~Ciel" is going to be released in Blu-Ray/DVD format on 15 April 2015!

Blu-ray [Limited Edition]
BD KSXL 168 6,800JPY+tax
■Luxurious Special Package
■Special favor – Film “Over The L'Arc-en-Ciel” -Trailer-
■Film “Over The L'Arc-en-Ciel” mini-brochure enclosed

Blu-Ray [Regular Edition]
BD KSXL 169 5,500JPY+tax

DVD [Regular Edition]
DVD KSBL 6180 4,300JPY+tax

More of the details can be read here:

And since the live-viewing of the movie was held in my country, Indonesia, on 13-15 February 2015, I was lucky enough to watch it on cinema. I've written a report about how it feels to experience the rainbow on big screen and posted it on my journal. For anyone who's interested to read it, you can go here:
It contains LOT of spoilers for the movie though XD
And any correction is welcomed if I made any mistakes in my report :)

2 Feb, 2015 - Hyde Fan Art
Hello All!
It's been awhile since I posted!
I recently updated my Hyde inspired Fan Art page and thought that some of you may be interested in checking it out.

Hey guys!

I am selling some VAMPS TIMES numbers I don't use, anybody interested?
For more information, please visit >>

Thank you! ^o^
Hello I would like to sell the following 2 discs.
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