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Halloween Party
The world's first full-digitizing 360°music video is delivered for PlayStation®VR!
L'Arc~en~Ciel turns into Zombies!?

L'Arc~en~Ciel's newly written song "Don't be Afraid" completed!
PlayStation®VR's first full-digitizing 360 ° music video will be delivered for PlayStation®4!
Moreover, special collaboration project realized between "RESIDENT EVIL" series which marked 20th anniversary and "L'Arc~en~Ciel" who marked 25th anniversary!
Using the latest technology RE ENGINE that is also used in the latest game "RESIDENT EVIL 7" (Release in January 26th, 2017 for PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC), the members of L'Arc~en~Ciel becomes 3DCG characters!
This will be the unprecedented VR music video you can enjoy music and video experience. Through photo scanning and motion capture, L'Arc~en~Ciel members become digital characters and fight against zombies in the world of RESIDENT EVIL series.

◆Prior to the official release of this product in mid-November, a trial version which a user can play a part of the product will be presented at "TOKYO GAME SHOW 2016" at Makuhari Messe in Chiba prefecture from September 15th (Thu).


◆"Don't be Afraid –RESIDENT EVIL ® × L'Arc-en-Ciel on PlayStation®VR- Trial Version" will be pre released at PlayStation®Store on the release date of PS VR, October 13th (Thu).



28 Aug, 2016 - Selling
I'm selling my stuff!
Send me a price proposal at a reasonable price, please!

All are original and mostly first press!

Price + shipping!
I'm from Germany, so shipping to the USA is more expensive. :(

HYDE IS DEAD 2002-2008 photobook
MONTHLY VAMPS (vol. 1-13 + best of)
HYDEIST TIMES with Holder - vol. 10-12

CIEL Fanclub Magazine - vol. 19-21
Le-Ciel - vol. 24, 54, 56, 59

LARUKU LIVE IN PARIS - golden Box Edition (gimme a good price it has a lot of memories..)
Laruku - documentary Films - Trans ASIA via PARIS DVD BOX

Arena 2009.07 - GLAY, GACKT, the Gazette, VAMPS, Nightmare, Alice Nine ...
Newsmaker 5 No. 208 - 2006 - HYDE, Acid Android, ...
6 Aug, 2016(no subject)
ken lloyd
I hope it is okay to post here. I'm trying to sell a few things this weekend to help out my brother.

I have some L'Arc~en~Ciel and VAMPS for sale at https://carousell.com/jae_909

The items posted are:

Autographed VAMPS First Press Type A Debut Album (signed by Hyde and KAZ in Baltimore, MD during their first US tour)
Rare L'Arc~en~Ciel 2005 Calendar Posters (photoshoot was in Baltimore, MD during the time when they played at Otakon 2004)
Brand New VAMPS First Press I Gotta Kick Start Now CD/DVD Single w/postcard
Brand New VAMPS First Press Evanescent CD/DVD Single w/postcard
Brand New VAMPS First Press Devil Side CD/DVD Single
Brand New VAMPS First Press Love Addict CD/DVD Single
VAMPS 2012 Live Tour DVD

Feel free to make an offer. Thanks for looking!
I've just listed my Tetsu69 15 1/2 LE mini single (still sealed) with Tezman figure on ebay. I've also got some Le Ciels there is anyone is interested.

The ebay link is : http://www.ebay.com/itm/15-1-2-Limited-edition-single-by-Tetsu69-NEW-Includes-LE-Tezman-figure-jrock-/262525370974?

Thanks for looking!
emo for my dear
The JRock Nostalgia Post

If you miss the days when Jrock communities on livejournal were active, if you wonder what happened to your old fandom friend that you lost touch with, if you just MISS JRock fandom then come on over to the JROCK NOSTALGIA POST. A free for all post where you can chat, catch up and reminisce. Current fans, Ex fans, old fans, new fans, all are welcome!

(X-posted to several places).

I'm really interested in buying L'Arc's t-shirts from the 2012 world tour, since there is fans for all over the world in this com I though I'd give it a shot.

Please PM or comment if you are willing to sell any of these, or any info in where to purchase them m(_ _)m

Honolulu T-shirt Taipei T-shirt Shanghai T-shirt Seoul T-shirt
 photo h08_zpssvmnpgac.jpg  photo g-tp08-tp_zpsk8okyh4x.jpg  photo g-sh08-sh_zpsjhsztidv.jpg  photo g-kr08-kr_zpso5krxvd9.jpg
Singapore T-shirt Hong Kong T-shirt Bangkok T-shirt Jakarta T-shirt
 photo g-sg08-sg_zpskjrrscjw.jpg  photo g-hk08-hk_zpsolj8x4cs.jpg  photo g08-bk_zpsfzrjgusq.jpg  photo g-jk08-jk_zpsdx0zdqcd.jpg

Thanks so much!
hiroki // cream soda classic cat street
It's easier for me to just copy and paste the same ad, so apologies that not all items are L'Arc-related. However, many of the magazines feature L'Arc and solo projects so please take a look!

All prices are negotiable and these items NEED TO GO so please make offers, especially if you're interested in more than one thing! Please message me with your zip and/or country for shipping. I accept Paypal only.

Pictures of all of the below can be viewed at my Photobucket account (please sort by filename so the content pages match up to the magazine covers): http://s76.photobucket.com/user/tashes/media/sales</a>

I have 100% positive feedback as a seller on eBay and am happy to answer any questions or provide more pictures as needed!


Dir en grey - Dragonfly (no damage, lovely condition) $38

Dir en grey - XX (no damage, lovely condition) $55

GACKT - Mizerable (damage to dust jacket) $35

GLAY - NYC Shuffle (damage to dust jacket, binding glue is loose so be careful) $35

La'cryma Christi Koji solo photography book (mint still in plastic, removed for photos) $25

L'Arc~en~Ciel LIFE & LIVE Mini photobooks (excellent used) $50 for both

LUNA SEA 1996 Document (excellent used) $20


PIERROT Paradoxical Genesis Tour Phone Strap RARE AND UNOPENED $60


Arena37c $18 each

April 2002, June 2002, July 2002 (2 copies), October 2002, November 2002

Band Yarouze $8

February 2002

B-Pass $17 each

March 2001, March 2002, June 2002, July 2002, August 2002, September 2002, October 2002, December 2002

CD-Data $18 each

December 2003, February 2004

Fool's Mate $25 each

May 2002, June 2002, July 2002, August 2002, October 2002, November 2002, December 2002, October 2004

Gothic & Lolita Bible $25 each

Volume 1, Volume 5

Pati-Pati $18 each

June 2001, September 2001

Rockin' on Japan $15 each

November 2001

R&R Newsmaker $20 each

December 2000, June 2001, July 2002, October 2004

SHOXX $25 each

April 2001, October 2001, November 2001, March 2002, June 2002, August 2002, September 2002, October 2002, December 2002

UV $22 each

Volume 81, Volume 82, Volume 87, Volume 95, Volume 96, Volume 97

What's In? $15 each

May 2002, July 2002, August 2002, October 2002, November 2002, December 2002

Weekly Oricon $8

July/August 2002


Houshin Engi Chinese language manga $10

Pokemon Japanese language manga volumes 5 & 6 $8 for both

Vagrant Story shounen ai doujinshi (PG-13) (weird mark on cover) $12

24 Mar, 2016 - S'Ub~en~Ciel site?
Hi, Cielers!

I hope this post isn't against any rules, lol I might have missed the information since I was kinda out of the fandom for a while (and I actually couldn't find a slightiest bit of it now), but did S'Ub~en~Ciel site stopped working? If so, what happened to it, and, more important, where did all subs go?
Hello my Dears,

I decided to split with some items from my collection and would like to know if there is any interest from anyone around here because I'd rather sell them to a fan than to some random person on eBay :)

The things I want to sell:

- The 15th Anniversary Box (3 interview books & 3 picture books) -> like new
- Radioactive Liquid LIght picture book -> slightly used as it's pretty old
- Asia Live Picture Book

Anyone interested? I'll probably edit this post to add some more once I've decided which items I want to sell as well :)
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