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16 Dec, 2014 - L'Arc Christmas
Hello L'Arc fans!

How are you spending this Christmas? In this post, I've compiled a list of Christmas related L'Arc~en~Ciel songs and lives that you should check out. Hope you guys enjoy the holiday season~

I Wish (from 1996 album True) [Song]
Their first Christmas song. The album is L'Arc~en~Ciel's first million seller, charting several times between 1997 and 1998. Even to this day, several of the tracks appear regularly on set lists. If you haven't listened to True yet, it's generally regarded as one of their best.

1997 REINCARNATION (December 23, 1997 in Tokyo Dome) [DVD]
This is a historically significant concert in their career, it also marked the last time their Christmas song "I Wish" was performed live (before reappearing a decade later with a P'UNK~EN~CIEL cover). Also, who can forget the 'unique' hairstyle hyde sported in 1997? It also marked yukihiro's first major appearance with the 'new' L'Arc~en~Ciel who would later go on a nationwide tour of Japan in 1998, releasing several singles that year and later embarking on one of their most memorable tours ever with 1999 GRAND CROSS TOUR.

Yuki no Ashiato, Hurry Xmas (from 2007 album KISS) [Song]
The last two tracks on the KISS album. Yuki no Ashiato is a Winter ballad, while Hurry Xmas is a festive Christmas song. The single for Hurry Xmas also included an instrumental version known as Hurry Xmas -Silent Night version-. According to the members, Hurry Xmas was a very challenging song, with several instruments used to complete the recording. As for the KISS album, it contains a wide variety of songs. Fans will certainly recognise SEVENTH HEAVEN, MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM and Link straight away. But the darker tracks like ALONE EN LA VIDA, DAYBREAK'S BELL and Umibe are some of my favourites. In a way, KISS reminds me of True a lot. There's the dance tune (SEVENTH HEAVEN, Caress of Venus), the pop tracks (Link, the Fourth Avenue Cafe), the Christmas song (Hurry Xmas, I Wish) and everything in-between.

BLESS, Mirai sekai (from 2012 album BUTTERFLY) [Song]
Although strictly speaking, Mirai sekai is not Christmas related, the lyrics to me portray a child's view of the future. In fact, the lyrics were written in the same way as a Children's song. While simple, they are quite beautiful. In this song, tetsuya used an Electric Upright Bass, which can be sen in their recent LIVE 2014 at National Stadium. As for BLESS, it was used as a theme song for NHK's Winter Olympics 2010 broadcast. As such, the lyrics convey happiness, hope and snow. The ballad isn't as sugary sweet as Pieces or Anata, but still epic in its own right.

If I had to compile a Christmas playlist of L'Arc~en~Ciel songs it would be something like this:
4. the Fourth Avenue Cafe
5. snow drop
6. twinkle, twinkle
9. milky way
10. Bye Bye
11. I Wish
12. Hurry Xmas
13. White Feathers

What would your playlist be? :D
Found a great news!

L'Arc will be making appearance on this year MUSIC STATION SUPER LIVE!! ^__^
Find the info here on the official site:
See the full line-up here on M-Ste site:

Yay! Wondering what they will perform there ^_^
Anything will do though, since I miss them too much! XD
Hey guys I haven't posted a disucssion topic in a very long time haha so here's a new one :D

Which Vamps songs (written by Hyde of course) do you think could have easily been slipped in L'Arc~en~Ciel's catologue? Similarly, which L'Arc songs written by Hyde do you think were precursors to the style of Vamps?

And now for what perhaps is an even harder question to answer. Since forming Vamps hyde has provided largely light songs for L'Arc~en~Ciel as opposed to songs like As One. Firstly, do you think hyde will ever again write heavier rock songs (as opposed to light hearted pop rock), or do you think that he will try and keep that style purely for Vamps?
Secondly, will this affect the songwriting process of the band as a whole? Everlasting, Chase and XXX have been huge departures from the bands previous styles, can we attribute any of this to hyde's new heavy rock focus in Vamps?

Any thoughts on this topic would be highly appreciated! I love hearing what fellow fans have to say about the music that we all love so much :D
It might be pretty late though, but I just visited the official site and realized that the picture there apparently changed! Still in the same tone and outfit like before though, just different pose~ (click to enlarge)

And here, you can find lots of trailer clips for the upcoming BR/DVD release of Kokuritsu live:

And also lots of details here:

Hello (^^)
Since I need space I sell some of my L'Arc~en~Ciel items and something also related to HYDE
Here is the link where you can check →
If interested in something please let me know.
Thank you (^ν^)
Found some news about L'Arc's new project:

「Over The L'Arc〜en〜Ciel」
World Tour 2012 Documentary Film

It will be shown on theaters, started from 5 December 2014 for 8 days until 12 December 2012

Some links for the news related to it (all in Japanese):
What's In:

The official site link:

*I wonder if there's gonna be a DVD for it later...

And a preview clip from various TV station, credit goes to L'Arc Spanish Street Team on Facebook: (I want to embed the video here, honestly, but I don't know how to do it... ^_^;)
Found the news from Tokyohive, Sakai Ayana-san, tetsuya's wife, safely gave birth of their first child!
A baby boy! Another L'Arc baby boy XD
It was announced at Sakai's blog on September 1st :D
Here's the link of her blog entry:
*and there, you can take a peep on the little boy's hand! So cute~ ^_^

To the happy couple, congratulation!
I wish all the best for the family! And to Leader-sama, congratulation for officially becoming a father! ^__^
Good luck your ways!
Drawing a heart
Alas, I'm moving abroad and cannot fit all my lovely books into my suitcase. T_T so! Yard-sale. :D

Costs vary from book to book, but I'm living in the US and have media-mail available; that is soooo much cheaper than buying it from the source. :D

More details on my personal journal:
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