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Alas, I'm moving abroad and cannot fit all my lovely books into my suitcase. T_T so! Yard-sale. :D

Costs vary from book to book, but I'm living in the US and have media-mail available; that is soooo much cheaper than buying it from the source. :D

More details on my personal journal:

If anyone's interested, I will be accepting order for VAMPS Beast Party goods here. Order deadline is until 3 Sep 14, or while stocks last.

My other services:
Requests to find limited/out of print CD/DVD/Photobooks/concert goods

My feedback post can be found here, thanks!
Hello everyone. It came to my attention that my YouTube channel has been advertised here on the L'Arc~en~Ciel's LJ community. I'm glad that there's still many people interested in this old relics as I am. However, I'm not the one who is translating the interviews/talks/MCs, all is done by a translator on . The only thing I really do is making the subtitles.

At the moment, a HOT WAVE show interview from 1996 is being translated.


It is 16 minutes long and it cost me 15$ to have it translated.

I would like to ask everybody who is interested in having the interviews translated to donate as much as you would like to the cause.

If there's anybody that would like to contribute, please comment below.

(28.08.2104) Edit:

Thanks to hakkyou2 and nijibean we will get to enjoy two more translated L'Arc~en~Ciel HOT WAVE interviews from the 1995-1997 era. In the next video we will have all L'Arc members join in. I still don't know what they are talking about, but they seem to be in a good mood, so let's hope it turns out great. ^_^

I just found a Youtubechannel of some newly translated Laruku interviews, so if anybody wants to watch go to -->
7 Aug, 2014 - Sale!
Hello all!

I'm found some L'Arc and HYDE items I collected over the years and had stored away. I hoarded and never opened a lot of things and I think it is time I part with them and find them a loving owner who will actually use them... (I even found a safely stored unopened pack of HYDEE's Gummi's!! Totally rancid, of course >< I should have eaten them! They boasted HYDE cells as ingredients ^_~)

So please email me (hydeliveaddict at live dot com) or post here if you're interested in buying something. I'm in the US and I accept Paypal.

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Hi Everyone^^

I am wanting to sell on the following L'arc en Ciel and Hyde related books. All are £12. Europe shipping (per item) £11/ UK shipping per item £5.

For any further questions please contact me via LJ or

Kindest Regards
Smile Tour 2004
Seven Days
Asia Live 2005
Seven Days Sticker
Awake Tour Photo Pamphlet
15th Anniversary Live Book
Asia Live 2005 Shanghai Ed
27 Jul, 2014 - FOR SALE

From top left:
- ASIALIVE 2005 pamphlet SHANGHAI EDITION (same as Tokyo and Seoul edition, except for cover color and one picture) (like new) $30
- REALIVE 2000 pamphlet (good) $20
- Fan Club Magazine LE-CIEL: vol.18, 19, 20, 21, 22, extra,
51, 57 (all like new) $10 each



From top left:

- NewsMaker 2006 October (tetsu cover special + tetsu x sakura interview (22P) + double side poster, hyde Faith tour (6P), ken interview (2P) (like new) $10
- Ongaku to Hito 2009 July (VAMPS cover special (19P) (like new) $10
NewsMaker 2003 April/May (hyde cover special (20P) (good) $10
- CD Data 2006 May (hyde cover special (19P) + 4 postcards) (like new) $10
- CD Data 2008 July (VAMPS cover special (20P) + double side poster) (like new) $10


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Hyde pages from 1999-2013 L'Arc~en~Ciel official calenders (except 2000, which I'll sell as a whole)
Total 13 pages, all B2 size, US$50. Please send me a message with your address for shipping price.
I also have Tetsu and Ken Calender pages 1999-2013. Send me a message if you are interested, I'll reply with the pictures.

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Here is the radio version of everlasting in great quality~

Kinda meh for me . . .. very disappointing hope the final version is different!
From L'Arc~en~Ciel Official Site:

Live DVD & Bluray 「L’Arc~en~Ciel LIVE 2014 at 国立競技場」
Release date 12 November 2014
Limited Edition:
BD+2 Blu-spec CD2+L'Arc~en~Ciel Limited Item
KSXL 61-64 ¥15,000+tax

2 DVD+2 Blu-spec CD2+L'Arc~en~Ciel Limited Item
KSBL 6161-6165 ¥13,800+tax

Regular Edition:
BD, KSXL 65 ¥8,800+tax
2 DVD KSBL 6166-6167 ¥7,600+tax

More details here:
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